Recruitment and Selection Policy

At institute level, KMITL has regulation and process for staff selection and recruitment. The selection process and criteria is publicly announced in university websites and public media. The Institute also has general standard concerning job assignment of academic staff.

Faculty of Medicine, KMITL has standard criteria for staff recruitment. The number of staffs is aligned with the recommendation of Medical Council of Thailand (teacher-to-student ratio at preclinical and clinical years are 1:4 and 1:2, respectively). We control the ratio between PhD/MD of preclinical staffs not to exceed 2:1. Details of our academic staffs are as follows:

  1. Preclinical sciences: Our staffs in preclinical division comprise 21 medical doctors (Faculty of Medicine, KMITL and Sirindhorn hospital staffs), 10 biomedical scientists and 15 staffs in other disciplines (liberal arts, engineering, administration and management, etc.).
  2. Clinical sciences: Faculty of Medicine MD staffs and medical doctors at Sirindhorn hospital are responsible for clinical teaching. Sirindhorn medical doctors are appointed to be adjunct instructors (part time staff) of the Faculty The number of Sirindhorn medical staffs in the year 2017 is 56. Thirty more positions will be recruited within two years. By the year 2021, the estimated number of medical doctors at Sirindhorn hospital is 120.

The academic qualification of Faculty of Medicine, KMITL staff is PhD for non-medical staff and MD with diplomat board for medical staff. In alignment with our missions, every staff is required to conduct research and be a consultant of medical student research project. Therefore, we pay attention on research experiences and track record on publication.

Faculty of Medicine, KMITL specifies the responsibilities of academic staff. The major responsibilities include teaching, research and administration. The ratio of these activities can be adjusted and should be agreed by staff and Faculty of Medicine, KMITL. All academic staff is required to sign the job assignment form and are required to submit the job report form every six months. This report will be used for annual performance evaluation according to KMITL Human Resource system.