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Academic Affairs

  • Philosophy
  • Importance
  • Objectives
  • Strategy of Teaching and Learning



Producing world-class “global” medical doctors with outstanding research capability, high virtue and excellent life skills can be done through the concepts of transformative learning and systems approach.



Doctors with research capabilities are essential for the improvement of the nation’s health care services in the 21st century.



The Doctor of Medicine Program emphasizes on producing medical graduates with the following qualifications:

–  Having professional competencies required for being physicians of the national and international standard
–  Having 21st century skills, including life and career skills, learning and innovation skills, and information, media and technology skill
–  Being critical thinkers, innovators and capable biomedical researchers
–  Being global doctors and world citizens

Strategy of Teaching and Learning


–  Outcome and task-based learning
–  Early clinical exposure and longitudinal clinical responsibility
–  Self-directed and research-based learning
–  International learning and working culture